Please note that UKA introduced the following rules in April 2016:

any affiliated Club accepting a Second Claim or “First Claim other” member as a competing athlete must satisfy themselves that the athlete is already registered with their National Association

all competitions under the rules of UKA and Domestic Competitions held under IAAF Rules are confined to eligible athletes as defined by these rules. All athletes in Age Groups covered by these Rules (Age Group Under 13 upwards) must be registered with their National Association and comply with their terms and conditions including payment

athletes will be disqualified when competing in events with a UKA permit if they are not currently registered to a National Association.  Registration is not mandatory for any non-competing members and overseas-resident guest competitors in these events.

These rules do not apply to those competing solely in road/fell/trail individual races, but they already had the obligation to pay a £2 supplement if unattached or a member of a registered club but not registered with their National Association, and this rule will now be more strictly enforced by race promoters.

The BMAF area clubs will shortly enforce these rules as follows:

a new member without a first claim club must start the process of choosing a first claim club and obtaining UKA registration if they are intending to compete in BMAF national or area club cross-country or track and field events with UKA permits.   They will need to maintain this registration on annual basis for as long as they are competing.  UKA registration is done via EA, WA, SA or ANI depending which national athletics association their first claim club is registered with

- online entry to a BMAF national or area club cross-country, track & field or race walking competitions with a UKA permit will be blocked unless the athlete is logged as UKA registered in the Opentrack database.  Registration information for EA and WA registered athletes comes in real -time from the EA database.  SA and ANI are providing us with a list of their registered athletes each month but we can update this information for any athlete who sends us evidence that they have recently registered.

You will be able to see your UKA registration status in Section E of your personal data in OpenTrack, updated to the latest information received, and if the status is Red or Amber you may need to take action before you can enter the competition of your choice.

These checks are not yet in place but a message will be placed on the BMAF website Urgent News section when OpenTrack has been updated with the new rules.  In the meantime, do not delay to sort out registration issues if you are not currently registered.  Your first claim club will in practice take a week to deal with this and if you wish to change the EA/SA/ANI first claim club shown in Open Track you may need up to 2 months for this to take effect.